Finding that she no longer fit within the media industry’s paradigm of simply “TV presenter”, Carissa felt the pull to detach from her old model of success and bravely follow her intuition, embarking on her own spiritual journey following a career in commercial TV / Media. Working with an esoteric healer for four years, business coaches who work on goals with soul and understanding how her childhood traumas crept into her adult life to become more conscious of what her true self wants. Her pursuit of healing revealed her new purpose – a desire to encourage others to explore their own inner demons and become more self-aware and awake in both business and in life. It was then she realised there was a gap in the market to build a creative space for a community wanting empowering content that they could learn from.

Seeing an opportunity for young creatives like herself; Carissa wanted to build something more meaningful in today’s sea of one dimensional content for an audience that are craving mentorship, vulnerable, raw and thought-provoking conversations.
Realising that this platform did not exist, she decided to create her own.

“I decided it was time to take a big leap, push the status quo, re-define and create my own version of a ‘TV Network’ Online.”

Carissa now launches the pioneering IN.BED.WITH.CARISSA (IBWC) Network. Revolutionising the original youtube series that she launched with Junkee Media, the physical bed is gone and the Network is now a metaphor for connectedness to bene t, support and challenges an audience in this day and age that are longing for more honest content. IN.BED.WITH. CARISSA (IBWC) is an emerging, next-generation TV network. Spanning three video channels, its purpose is to connect her audience to content that benefits, supports and challenges them.

“I want this to be an inspiring platform where my audience can watch interviews that guide and motivate. I also produce mentorship and advice segments and focus on delivering high-quality production/premium content I learned from working in TV to the digital space. To build a community of people who are empowered by substance and creativity – a platform that I wish had existed throughout my career. So much motivation around this idea is that I want my audience to explore the idea of true-self and create their own unique path in life. I can’t wait for the day our generation are in positions to make decisions based on the type of conversations that should be at the forefront of media”.