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I go deep with intriguing humans, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders every second Sunday ( From June 2 ). My guest & I have a duty to drop the facade & reveal our true self by having deep, powerful and completely vulnerable discussions that aim to guide, inspire and motivate YOU.  

In Bed with : Pip Edwards

PIP EDWARDS | Co-Founder and Creative Director of P.E Nation

She is the formidable force that has taken the global activewear scene by storm. The face of P.E Nation with enviable style and a pilates sculpted physique who has amassed a loyal fanbase the world over. From the outside looking in, it appears that Pip Edwards has it all. In this episode, we get to know the woman behind the media persona as she lifts the veil on her personal life and chats about facing her demons through her journey into motherhood, balancing her ‘alpha’ persona as a powerful business woman while still connecting to her inner feminine side, and the burgeoning pressures of living up to society’s timeline of success. Courageous and vulnerable, together we discuss the importance of mindfulness, meditation and teaching empathy in schools, along with accepting your true self and how Pip learned to lean into the ‘Founder’ role she was always destined for.


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Kada says:

YES!!!! Raw, real & soul expanding. Excited to witness this next chapter of your journey. 💛✨😘

    Carissa Walford says:

    Soul expanding is what we want!! So glad you enjoyed it. What do you think you learnt the most from this episode? X

    Carissa Walford says:

    Thank you xx Means a lot.

RJ says:

Very interesting conversation. The advice she would give her younger self was my favorite part. I think that was a great answer.

    Carissa Walford says:

    Isn’t it interesting when you think from that perspective. What would you say to your younger self?

      RJ says:

      At first I was going to say that I would tell my younger self not to worry so much about the little things. But then I realized that my NOW self needs to hear that too! I think I would tell my younger self to let my loved ones know how much I care about them and how much they mean to me.

        Carissa Walford says:

        That’s a good one. Life get ‘busy’ & we need to pay more attention to our family and friends because at the end of the day, those moments & memories are what we will treasure forever. x

Bradley Pooper says:

Amazing stuff. You’re an inspiration!

Mia Lake says:

I needed this…. what I learnt in Eden was life changing, but when life is noisy, I tend to revert back to my old habits.
Thanks for the reminders, the rawness, the love and the wisdom. You both rock! Xxxx

    Carissa Walford says:

    CAN WE GO BACK TO EDEN. That’s the hardest part, changing your habits for good and blocking out the noise. Little steps and awareness in your day to breath and be present makes all the difference. YOU ROCK MY FRIEND xxx

Steph says:

Truly amazing. So lovely to hear other fearless women talk about empathy, and the power it has had in fueling drive. Such an inspiration xx

    Carissa Walford says:

    I’m so happy empathy is something being taught in schools. It’s excites me what our future generation will be like. xx

Sarah says:

I have chills. Cannot wait for more eps!

    Carissa Walford says:

    So happy you enjoyed the conversation. I hope the other EP’s are just as impactful for you. xx

Chelsea Innes says:

Loved this, I got teary in parts! It has got me thinking about how I can move forward as the best me. As a new mum I’ve gone through a huge transformation period, feeling lost and stagnant the past 6months. This conversation has made things clearer for me. Thank you! Xx

    Carissa Walford says:

    I got teary as well. I’m so happy you feel a little clearer. I’m sure you’re and incredible mum so you should be so proud of this important role. I’m excited to hear about what’s next for YOU. x

Jessica Earl says:

The masculine/feminine discussion really resonated with me. I think a lot of women have that hard shell – I know I find mine really hard to balance.
I also didn’t know of Pip Edwards before this interview and I’m glad you introduced us to her. Great conversation and energy! Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

    Carissa Walford says:

    I struggle with it as well. I have too much testosterone as it is so I really have to focus on tapping into my softer side every day. It’s a big part of my morning routine. It’s hard because as soon as I’m in “work mode” I harden up. Pilates has helped a lot. I used to do F45 which was counterproductive.

Mel says:

That.was.unreal. Two humans I admire, talking raw and real. Thank you.

    Carissa Walford says:

    My pleasure. I’m beyond happy you liked it. Hope you learnt a thing or two xx

Jacinta says:

I loved this podcast.. so insightful, real, honest and good motivation to find your souls purpose and dreams.. thank you

    Carissa Walford says:

    We haven’t got a podcast yet – I’m all about the visual / video element but however you consumed it, I’m so glad it resonated! Thanks Jacinta x

Olivia says:

So real, cried towards the end – highly relatable. Thanks for opening your heart and sharing your story. X

    Carissa Walford says:

    Warms my heart! I’m so happy it moved you. That’s the highest compliment of all for what I do. Thank you xx

Lindsay says:

What an incredible interview. Loved how you both fed off of one another to delve deeper, share how you’ve evolved, and most importantly exposed your vulnerability…that in actuality as Pip said, is your power. Enjoyed every minute, and it has offered me some great insight and perspective on my own story. Thanks so much.

    Carissa Walford says:

    You’re so welcome! More people showing us as their vulnerable self is what we want! x

RF says:

Such a raw and refreshing conversation – honest interview that will connect with many I am sure.
Pip your journey is inspiring keep it up. Thank you and Clarissa Keep the content coming ❤️

    Carissa Walford says:

    I hope it connected with you. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey now that we’ve connected here! enjoy x

Cate Massi says:

Mirror Mirror on the wall …Carissa heartfelt thank YOU for making clear & putting so many of my mixed thoughts & life experiences into a clearer picture for me to navigate.
I have been learning to embrace again, all the qualities that have been shamed out of me (Catholic School in the 70s & 80s didn’t approve of the loud, bold & honest Dancing Queen) that I was & at 52 I am finally “Wearing My Story” every outfit, of everyday!
I’ve been a Pip fan for a while & now she has lead me here … so I’m looking forward to who’s in bed next 😉

    Carissa Walford says:

    haha Mirror Mirror! I need to see these outfits! send me some pics! SO PROUD of you. I also went to a Catholic School & felt like I had to hide my bubbly personality a bit. We all have our own timeline .. age really is just a number after all. GO GO GO GURL xxx

Suzana says:

Thank you, such a beautiful interview… I am in tears – the interview resonated with me. I have admired Pip for so long and after listening to this interview, my whole being is bursting with immense respect and admiration – such a beautiful soul x

    Carissa Walford says:

    She really is. So much to give that girl. I’m so happy it moved you in the most positive way. x

Viv says:

What a beautiful conversation! Pip is such a renegade and Carissa – your questions were spot on. Can’t wait for the next ep ❤️

    Carissa Walford says:

    Thank you. Lot’s of prep but more than that, I was being myself more than I’ve ever been when conducting interviews so I felt like the honestly from both ends mean’t we gave so much of who we are to the chat. xx

Kathy Elek says:

Such a honest, fun and REAL first up, Pip
Is just divine, congrats really enjoyed it , all done in such a cool format too ! Xx

    Carissa Walford says:

    So happy you noticed the cool format 😉 I’m all about empowering you guys through creativity and I wanted a create an inspiring place for you guys. x

Thy André says:

Loved This!! It’s so refreshing to see such a candid and genuine interview.
Looking forward to the rest of you’re interviews!!
-Love Thy

    Carissa Walford says:

    CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE… I’m still so in love with my chat with Pip! Glad you enjoyed xx

Laura says:

This was brilliant. Had me in tears twice. Pip’s love for her son shines so bright and I adore that. XX

Carly says:

Absolutely loved this!!!! So refreshing to watch an interview that is honest and REAL. Not enough of that in the world. The two of you had some very special moments there. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next!!!!! Xxxxx

    Carissa Walford says:

    Thank you. We really did have a few magical moments. I get chills watching it still. The First Dear Carissa, episode will premiere on Tuesday the 11th, so I hope you enjoy x

Tina says:

Loved it. It really was like a therapy sesh 🙌🏻

    Carissa Walford says:

    Thank you… Free therapy for all ha xx

Olivia says:

I’ve listened to podcasts of similar styles, I’ve read books but this interview has touched me in the most reflective way. The two of you have an empowering message and energy and it’s made me realise I need to be unapologetic about wearing my own story. Women of inspiration! Thank you!

    Carissa Walford says:

    That’s incredible news. I hope the content on this Network continues to resonate with you like it has already. Step into your power!! Xxx

Rosie says:

Loved the slowing down to open space for such a raw conversation. Totally felt the juxtaposition of being raised to be independent & not rely on anyone (migrant parents), especially loved the advice to younger self – trigger felt/tears dropped. Beautiful share from both of you.

    Carissa Walford says:

    It’s so important to understand who our childhood self was, and how her fears creep up in adult life. That awareness is vital to the healing process. Thank you, glad you enjoyed xx

Leah Betts says:

Loved her, loved you, loved, loved, loved every second! xxx

    Carissa Walford says:

    Amazing… xx

eloise jenkins says:

watched this morning after seeing Tess from Smack Bang posting & am so glad I did! Really inspired me to keep questioning myself, my up bringing & where I want to be. Thank you Carissa x

    Carissa Walford says:

    & the more you question yourself the more clarity and contentment comes from being self aware & trying to understand ourselves better. 🙌🏼 I’m excited for you … keep exploring.

Micki says:

a lovely thought provoking listen. Looking forward to the next 💖

Krystle P says:

I loved this. Such realness and rawness. Cannot wait for the next episode. Ps. Can I take a moment to also commend Carissa on her interviewer skills. She made a difficult skill look effortless and asked ALL of the right questions. Congratulations girl xx

    Carissa Walford says:

    Oh, that means a lot! Many years of practicing my journo skills! Means the world that you appreciated the interview style & yessss, so much goes into getting the tone right, so I’m beyond bloody happy you noticed!! Day made xxxx

Zina says:

Thanks I am a mother and very busy! This helped me alot!

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